Cambridge welcomes next generation of scientists

On Thursday 3rd August, the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre welcomed the London International Youth Science Forum.

Entering its 59th edition, the two week trip for young scientists aged between 16-21 from over 70 different countries, got to visit some of the world leading research centres in the UK, with Cambridge being one of the main attractions.

Around 50 people attended the visit to Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) to come and meet researchers here on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. They were given a talk on the campus’ rich history and proud achievements and heard talks from researchers.

Students visiting the NIHR Cambridge CRFGroups were then taken round some of the research facilities including our Cambridge Clinical Research Facility. They were given a talk and a tour led by Caroline McMahon, Research Sister. She showed them the CRF including the rooms where patients stay whilst taking part in a study, the sampling handling room and the metabolic facility.

Another attendee to the Cambridge event was Elizabeth Harvey (below centre). Elizabeth was on the 1997 visit and came to CUH as part of her tour. Elizabeth now works at CUH in anaesthetics. She kindly brought her booklet she was given at the 1997 event for the visitors and staff to see how much things have changed since then. Elizabeth Harvey, centre with two students