Be part of research for International Clinical Trials Day

To celebrate International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) held on 20 May 2019, the CRF took part in the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) #BePartofResearch campaign. The aim: to encourage more patients, carers and the public to get involved with research.

ICTD is an annual event is to commemorate the work of James Lind, who pioneered clinical research with the first ever research trial on the disease scurvy.

We know that research changes lives and it’s through doing research that we can develop better treatments, care, diagnosis and greater prevention.  Nationally, almost 3 quarters of a million people, of all ages, have already taken part in research every year.

This year, to honour the day and the new campaign, we wanted to showcase our CRF healthy volunteer studies, CRF149, CRF400 and VAMPs.

A poster (right) was created to give people an insight into what kind of research the public can get involved in at the NIHR Cambridge CRF.

Celebrating ICTD

It wouldn’t be ICTD if we didn’t join forces with NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), who held a stand in the main concourse at Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH). We were also joined by other research teams, such as the NIHR Cambridge BioResource, and the Patient Led Research Hub (PLRH). There was plenty of information given to the public about clinical trials and getting involved in research.

There was a hive of activity throughout the day on the social media #BePartOfResearch campaign, with lots of other NIHR infrastructures around the country also joining in and celebrating ICTD.

As always huge thanks to the NIHR Cambridge CRF staff for taking part! You can see all the photos on the NIHR Cambridge CRF Twitter page

Thank you to everyone who took part in ICTD.