Celebrating International Nurses Day 2020

Caroline Saunders, Clinical Director of Operations12 May 2020 is International Nurses Day. Caroline Saunders, our Clinical Director of Operations takes a moment to reflect and to share this message.
“Here we are celebrating 200 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale. We find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, not unlike the situation Florence Nightingale found herself facing insurmountable challenges on the battles fields of the Crimea. Then as now, nurses have stepped up, instinctively coming together, selflessly volunteering for the unknown, on the frontline, establishing new teams, working in new ways across traditional boundaries for the benefit of patients and the collective good.
I have been immensely impressed and proud of the efforts of our clinical research nurses (a relatively new specialty) across the campus, in their energy and enthusiasm in delivering crucial research. In little over a month we have seen a new CoVID-19 point of care device tested, validated and embedded as standard of care; treatment trials initiated across the trust across in a range of settings; innovative experimental observational studies set up and recruited from scratch that will help us understand the disease course; trials to protect our NHS and community key workers designed, approved and ready to go in record time; care and attention to staff wellfare, meals made and delivered to ward staff;  staff testing PODS established; care and protection of vulnerable patients in ‘never stop’ life changing trials. All of these initiatives have succeeded due to the enduring drive, adaptability and enduring profesionalism of clinical research nurses and their teams. Be proud of what you do.”
Florence Nightingale with her lamp

Florence Nightingale with her lamp

Nursing, washing your hands and evidence based-healthcare, pioneered by Florence Nightingale. Join us this evening at 20:30 by placing a lamp in your window and show your appreciation for nurses all over the world. #ShineALightForNurses