COVID-19 Oxford Vaccine Trial

The Oxford Vaccine Centre’s COVID-19 vaccine trial is being run by the Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group. The purpose of this trial is to test a new vaccine against COVID-19 in healthy volunteers.

The trial is being conducted in collaboration with multiple study sites across the UK, including Cambridge.


The collaborating organisations at the Cambridge site are listed below, with contributing staff listed alphabetically by organisation.

The trial is run in the NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility, which is hosted by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


Cambridge University Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust      

  Cambridge University Hospitals logo

Role in COVID-19 Oxford vaccine trial
Dr Tracy Assari CUH Research Governance Lead
Mark Bolton Senior Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technician
Dr Rachel Bousfield Study Doctor
Kay Brader Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technician
Dr Chris Cunningham Study Doctor
Maria-Magdalena Dandu Pharmacy Assistant- Clinical Trials
Dr Rainer Doffinger Consultant Scientist – Clinical Biochemistry & Immunology
Dr Mark Ferris Occupational Health Lead
Wendy Gooding Specialist Pharmacist – Clinical Trials
Dr Nicholas Jones Study Doctor
Oorvanshi Joshi CUH Laboratory Research Services Lead
Dr Stephen Kelleher CUH R&D Manager
Abigail Kemp Pharmacy Technician
Dr Sara Lear Clinical Immunology Consultant
Dr Clare Leong Study Doctor
Dr Isobel Ramsay Study Doctor
Dr Pooja Ravji Study Doctor
Dr Katherine Sharrocks Study Doctor
Dr Mary-Beth Sherwood R&D Governance Coordinator
Dr Dominic Sparkes Study Doctor
Dr Amanda Stranks Communications
Dr Estee Torok Co-Principal Investigator and Study Doctor
Sarah Vincent Communications
Naval Vyse Principal Pharmacy Technician
Dr Claire Waddington Study Doctor (Lead Study Doctor for set-up)
Dr Ben Warne Study Doctor
Dr Lynne Whitehead Lead Clinical Trials Pharmacist


NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility 

Role in COVID-19 Oxford vaccine trial
Sandra Ashton Administrator
Sharon Baker Research Assistant Practitioner
Areti Bermperi Research Nurse
Karen Brookes Research Nurse
Lindsay Carr CRF Operations & Business Manager
Anna Chapman QA support
Professor Krishna Chatterjee CRF Director
Isabel Cruz Research Nurse
Ranalie De Jesus Research Nurse
Jason Domingo Research Nurse
Marivic Fabiculana Research Nurse
Christopher Georgiou Researcher
Claire Glemas Research Nurse
Jackie Hampshire Administrator
Heather Jones Research Assistant Practitioner
Evgenia Kourampa Research Nurse
Chiara Macor Research Nurse
Caroline McMahon Research Nurse
Vivien Mendoza Research Nurse
Dr Helen Morris Co-Project Manager
Ciro Pasquale Research Nurse
Lorinda Pickup Research Nurse Coordinator
Jo Piper CRF Manager / Lead Research Nurse
Ferishta Rahimi Laboratory Assistant
Carla Ribeiro Research Nurse Coordinator
Tracy Richardson Administrator
Antoinette Rivera Administrator
Caroline Saunders CRF Director of Clinical Operations
Djamila Shamtally-Amode Biosample Practitioner
Jennie Sharp Research Nurse
Phoebe Vargas Research Nurse
Dr Laura Watson Researcher
Rowena Weighell Trial Coordinator
Jieniean Worsley Laboratory Assistant
Julie Ann Zerrudo Research Nurse


Royal Papworth Hospital

    NHS Foundation Trust      

Role in COVID-19 Oxford vaccine trial
Sarah Dennis Senior Research Nurse
Lucie Garner Clinical Research Sister
Dr Kimberly Giraud RPH Clinical Project Manager
Fatima Hajee Senior Research Nurse
Dr Vikki Hughes RPH Senior R&D Manager
Sue Mepham Senior Research Nurse
Juan Carlos Quijano-Campos Senior Research Nurse
Dr Ashwin Reddy Study Doctor
Francesca Rosa Research Nurse
Dr Tom McLellan Study Doctor
Dr Mark Toshner Co-Principal Investigator and Study Doctor
Saji Victor Senior Research Nurse
Kate Waters Communications
Julie Zamikula Senior Clinical Trial Practitioner


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

NHS Foundation Trust

Contributor Role in COVID-19 Oxford vaccine trial
Marina Bishop Research Nurse and Windsor Research Unit Clinical Trials Lead
Professor Ed Bullmore CPFT R&D Director
Dr Gloria Calderon Windsor Research Unit Manager
Siobhan Coleman Research Nurse
Codie Fahey Clinical Research Practitioner
Sara Joyce Administrator
Katie Keating-Fedders Clinical Research Practitioner
Laura Marshall Communications
Rachel Michel Research Nurse
Vince Mlilo Research Nurse
Julie Philps Research Nurse
Heidi Rice Clinical Research Practitioner
Dr Mary-Beth Sherwood R&D Governance Coordinator
Dr Emad Sidhom Study Doctor
Edward Stanton Research Nurse
Naomi Thomas Research Nurse
Dr Benjamin Underwood Lead Doctor for CPFT


Cambridge University Health Partners

CUHP logo


Contributor Role in COVID-19 Oxford vaccine trial
Tony Taylorson CUHP Communications Manager


University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge logo
Contributor Role in COVID-19 Oxford vaccine trial
Zoe McIntyre Co-Project Manager
Dr Angelique May Trial support and QA support
Greta Lyons Research Nurse


NIHR Clinical Research Network Eastern

Contributor Role in COVID-19 Oxford vaccine trial
Ashlea Bucke Research HCA
Laura Canna Research Nurse
Leila Dehghani Research Nurse
Simone Hargreaves Research Nurse
Danielle Johnson Research Nurse
Gayle Lindsay Trial support
Aileen Nacorda Research Nurse
Debbie Read Research Nurse Team Leader
Christian Sparke NIHR Portfolio Support Manager
Lucy Worboys Research Nurse