Nurse administering a lumbar puncture

CCRC L5 Research Sister Joanne

To celebrate international nurses day we spoke to Joanne, Clinical Research Sister,

CCRC L5 at Cambridge Clinical Research Centre, to hear her story.

Hello, my name is Joanne. I am a clinical research sister and I have worked here on the CCRC L5 for a year and a half.

Our CCRC L5 team is bonded strongly together with Viv, Jason, Elena, Ciro, Marivic, Jenny and soon with 2 other additions to our family.

My job as a Clinical Research Nurse entails setting up research studies, preparing rooms and equipment needed per study visits and procedures whilst ensuring safe staffing levels, ensuring that our team adheres to protocols, codes of conduct policies and good clinical practice and that governance is in place and monitored. As a patient’s advocate, advise patients and ensuring that whatever they are signing up for is clearly explained and discussed, gaining consents for recruitment of eligible participants and collaborating with point of contacts from different study teams. Part of my role focuses on training others and being a mentor, a team player who leads when necessary.

What I like most about my job are the varied opportunities offered and shared with each member of our team. It allows us to learn and grow professionally, in research, further knowledge is developed and existing skills enhanced. I love working and collaborating with my amazing colleagues whilst learning from each other as it makes every single day at work more inspiring.

My dream is to make a difference in people’s lives. Reaching for that dream grants us fulfilment. And the more we feel fulfilled, the more love we can give. And sharing the best of me, what I could offer, is in fact the most rewarding part of my job.

I have many link roles along side looking after participants, I am:

  • Emergency Simulation Training Lead/Facilitator
  • CRF Nurse Led Lumbar Puncture Practitioner
  • You ran the virtual London marathon for ACT, in October 2021
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programme Professional Life Coach and a Transformational Embodiment Levels 1 + 2, Breathwork Coach
  • CUH Filipino BAME Champion
  • CPFT Cultural Ambassador
  • NHS England Improvement Professional Nurse Advocate
  • Filipino Nurses Association UK Network and Social Events Coordinator

I am very grateful that I have received recognition nominations:

9  CUH You Made a Difference awards 2019-2022

2  CUH Annual Awards 2022

1 Nursing Times Awards 2021

I have won these awards

2 You Made a Difference award winner 2020 and 2021

1 You Made a Difference- Alborada Funding June 2021

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