Red4Research 2022

The #Red4Research concept is simple. Wear something red, eat something red, or download/print or make a placard saying #Red4Research, #Red4 Research website take a photo and post it on social media with the #Red4Research hashtag- like  CCRC L5 Team: who have been active in Covid-19 research trials from the beginning of the pandemic, from machine testing for diagnostics, to hopeful new treatments of Covid-19 and of course, Covid-19 vaccine trials; the largest vaccine campaign in history.

The campaign is all about positivity, creativity and support in the face of adversity. #Red4Research is completely inclusive – anyone, any age, anywhere can participate – children, adults, even pets! Hopefully people might have a bit of fun along the way raising the profile and work of all those involved in the process.

Research doesn’t just happen, people make it happen – research participants, patients, professionals, volunteers and regulatory bodies all collectively working together. Covid-19 has impacted on all of us. Research offers a beacon of hope. Thank you to everyone!


Our Clinical Investigation Team (image below) made huge changes during the pandemic, from closing their ward so that other Trust services like the Teenage Cancer Trust could move in for the short term. Moving to CCRC L3 and working with their team (photo above) where everyone was flexible and committed to providing research to participants on never stop trials and they were receiving treatment, predominantly for cancer.


During all this time, what would we do without our Biosample handling team? Working hard behind the scenes, correctly processing precious blood and other samples. You can hear more from Djamila’s story here:

How you can get involved

To show your support on Friday 17 June, thank and recognise everyone that makes research possible, from cleaners, researchers, volunteers, to family members that support everyone involved in research.

In your own words, thank someone that makes research possible, talk about an achievement and don’t forget to tag #Red4Research.


You can:

  • Take a short video (30 seconds, portrait orientation) and share it on social media; thank someone that makes research possible, talk about an achievement, tag #Red4Research
  • Celebrate as a team by getting together with your colleagues at meetings and in person to wear red and share the photo on social media
  • Comment on and share #Red4Research messages going out on Friday 17 June from NIHR’s Twitter News and Research, NIHR Twitter Community, NIHR Twitter Industry, and LinkedIn.
  • Wear something red, share your words of support on a #Red4Research placard, take a photo of yourself holding it and post it on social media with the #Red4Research hashtag and tag us @NIHR_Cam_CRF

To discover more assets for the campaign, visit the #Red4 Research website