Image of Professor Sadaf Farooqi

Outstanding Clinical Investigator Award to Professor Sadaf Farooqi

Congratulations to our Co-director, Professor Sadaf Farooqi,…
blue and green cov boost logo with evaluating covid 19 vaccine boosters text written underneath

UK-wide COVID-19 vaccine study reports long-term third dose booster protection

 Third dose COVID-19 booster vaccines offer lasting protection…
person administering an injection with needle into another persons arm

Obesity accelerates loss of COVID-19 vaccination immunity, study finds.

A new study led by scientists at the Universities of Cambridge…
Needle free vaccine delivery instrument next to arm showing the position for use

Volunteers needed for new needle-free coronavirus vaccine at CRF

Recruitment is underway in Cambridge for volunteers to take part…
Artificial pancreas

NICE recommends Cambridge-developed ‘artificial pancreas’ for use on NHS for management of type 1 diabetes

The artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes developed in Cambridge and supported in trials by the NIHR Cambridge CRF could soon be approved for use in the NHS.
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UKCRF Network awarded £2.4 million in public funding to support the delivery of early phase research studies

The UK Clinical Research Facility Network (UKCRF Network), hosted…
Image of Professor Krishna Chatterjee

New Year Honour for pioneering research

Congratulations to our NIHR Cambridge CRF Director, Professor…

COV-BOOST national vaccination trial at Addenbrooke’s

A team from Cambridge is inviting individuals aged 18 to 30 years…

World-first trial to transfuse lab-grown blood is underway in Cambridge 

Red blood cells that have been grown in a laboratory have been transfused into another person at the NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility (CRF) in a world-first clinical trial.