Child in bed, next to mother both with thumbs up

Cambridge recruits first patient to national inflammation study

A new trial taking place in UK to look at the best treatment for vasculitis has recruited its first patient at the NIHR Cambridge CRF– a child aged 10.

Team exploring how inflammation affects cognitive performance in people with depression

Research has found that inflammation may influence cognitive problems for people with depression, highlighting a new target to improve treatment.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on the 08 of March every year. It’s focuses on highlighting women, calling for equal opportunities and removing discrimination. The theme for 2022 is ‘Breaking the Bias’. 

Cambridge CRF receives new funding boost for delivery of early stage clinical research

The NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility (CRF) has been…

Taking part in ovarian cancer research

Meet the women who have been participating in vital cancer research in Cambridge.

Cancer drug gives hope in treating heart attacks

A trial supported by the NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility has found a drug used to treat cancer could help with heart attack recovery.

1,000 Covid patients sign up to UK drug trial

A study funded by the NIHR Cambridge BRC and supported by the NIHR Cambridge Clinical Research Facility, has enrolled a thousand Covid patients to find new treatments for the long term consequences of the disease.

Artificial pancreas proves ‘life-changing’ for very young children with type 1 diabetes and their families

An artificial pancreas developed by Cambridge researchers and supported by the NIHR Cambridge CRF, has found it is both safe to use and more effective at managing blood sugar levels in young children than current technology.

NICE prostate guidelines updated based on Cambridge research

A Cambridge developed model to risk-categorise prostate cancer has been added to the NICE guidelines and adopted as standard practice in the NHS.