Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald awarded The Don Listwin award

Congratulations to researcher, Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald, who has received the Don Listwin Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cancer Early Detection.

Could a cancer drug be key to helping patients recover from a heart attack?

A stage 2 trial is underway in Cambridge to investigate whether a cancer drug could improve the recovery of heart attack patients, by targeting the immune system.

Creating a new diagnostic test for oesophageal cancer

It has been 20 years since Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald came up with the idea of the cytosponge. Find out how the new device was created and how the NIHR Cambridge CRF supported the early clinical trials.

Researchers eye up new gene therapy trial that could reverse hereditary blindness

Restoration of sight from a rare genetic mutation may now become a reality thanks to a prestigious award from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Moorfields Eye Charity.

Cambridge researchers win Croonian Medal and Lecture 2022

Congratulations to Cambridge researchers Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly and Professor Sadaf Farooqi, who have been awarded the Croonian Medal and Lecture 2022 from the Royal Society.


On 18th June, we asked our team to wear Red4Research to show their support and appreciation for all those participating, undertaking and supporting COVID-19 research.

Cambridge GPs launch ‘pill on a string’ cancer check

Cambridge device to spot early signs of cancer is being trialled for the first time to GP patients in the UK.

Cambridge begins world-first COVID-19 vaccine booster study

Researchers in Cambridge have welcomed their first participants in a new UK study to understand the effects of a ‘booster’ dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

World-first covid-19 vaccine booster study launches in Eastern region

Volunteers from the East of England will soon be able to receive a third ‘booster’ COVID-19 vaccine through a new Government-funded clinical trial.