Adult Clinical Research Facility

A small blue circle within larger red circle within even larger white circle

A dedicated team delivers complex, high-intensity research in adults in diverse specialties including neurodegenerative disease, mental health and vaccine trials. A flexible NIHR Cambridge CRF Outreach Team recruits and delivers complex trial interventions in the host NHS Trust inpatient population.

Operates 7 days per week, 24 hours per day

  • 6 inpatient single rooms
  • ‘Near-patient testing’ facilities, with hatches to patient rooms
  • Nurse-led lumbar puncture expertise for cerebral spinal fluid collection
  • Remote cardiac telemetry
  • Exercise testing room
  • Sample processing room
  • Clinical Trial Administration team
  • CRF Outreach Team delivering experimental medicine research in the host NHS Trust inpatient population
Male patient sitting in a wheelchair with nurse completing observations
Patient room with single bed, chair and computer
Patient guided by a nurse to walk around a cone completing a walking test, with another nurse in attendance
Member of Staff in a white lab coat processing test samples using specialist equipment