Early Phase Trials Unit

A small blue circle within larger red circle within even larger white circle

A dedicated team delivers complex, early-phase clinical trials in specialties including oncology, haematology, nephrology, hepatology and vasculitis. The team has expertise in delivering phase 1 to phase 2a clinical trials, including first-in-human drug trials, specializing in immunotherapy and advanced therapies. The unit has a direct corridor link to NHS emergency facilities, taking two minutes to reach intensive care.

Operates 7 days per week, 24 hours per day

  • 6 high-dependency-unit specification beds in rooms with en-suite bathrooms 
    • 3-bedded ward directly observable from nurse station
    • 2-bedded ward directly observable from nurse station
    • 1-bedded side room
  • The 5 beds in the 2 wards have remote cardiac telemetry
  • 2 consulting rooms
  • Resident medical officer on-call room
  • Drug preparation room including biosafety cabinet
  • Complex sample processing room.
Nurse monitoring patient lying on a bed
Patient lying in a ward bed with a nurse checking the patient's infusion
Team member using machine to process samples
Wide view of the Early Phase Trials Unit showing 2 wards with all beds visible through glass screens to the nurse using a computer at the nurses station desk